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The technical background for the above mentioned activities will be supplied bí our company.

Our equipment:
chain hoisters, chain-belt conveyors (tilfor), welding machines (invert), cutters, breathing equipment, safety transformers and hand-tools necessary for work, with grinding-machines, complete industrial alpinist equipments, etc. Transports are delivered by light trucks and vans.

Our company offers you its capacity for technological piping, boiler fitting, welding, assembly of steel constructions, building maintenance, etc. (see the list of detailed fields of activity above). We possess the ISO 9001 certificate controlled by the TÜV Rheinland, the DIN EN ISO 3834-2 attestation for the welding workshop and all the process investigations necessary for operation. We have the qualified leaders, supervisors and skilled workers for every special field. We manage our work assignments with the adequate equipment, machinery, safety equipment and transporting vehicles.

Considering the economic and labour-circumstances of county Baranya and especially that of Mohács and its surroundings, the company S-WORK Kft. mostly employs local man-power of the town Mohács and its vicinity, assuring and also financing the continuative education and training of its workers.

Supported training courses:

  • Course in qualified welding
  • Course in industrial alpine technics
  • Course in tempering
  • Course in crane operation
  • Course in crane binding
  • Inner auditor of quality control
  • Course in management, etc.

Besides quick, precise and reliable work we also greatly emphasize the strict keeping of fire and safety regulations.

We can see the future of our company in the employment of highly qualified manpower, in high-quality labour and in emphasizing the interests of the customer.