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Our undertaking was founded in 1995 based on experienced, highly qualified colleagues. Since 1st December 2002 we have been continuing our operation as limited company.

Our most typical fields of specialization are the following:

  • Technological pipe-fitting
  • Boiler fitting
  • Welding (different process types, for X-ray or ultrasonic tests)
  • Building and mounting of steel-constructions
  • Completion of special operations only possible with industrial alpinist methods
  • On-site fabrication or reparation of dividers, collectors, tanks and vessels
  • Reparation, maintenance and corrosion protection of silos and buildings
  • Demolition works

The actual personal conditions at our company:

  • Manager -Senior clerk -Manager of quality control (QC manager)
  • Welding engineer (by proxy) -Environmental engineer (by proxy)
  • Works manager -Group foremen -Experienced specialists for alpinist solutions with industrial alpinist certification by MAHOE
  • Qualified skilled welders
  • Qualified pipe-fitters, metal-workers, temperers, mechanics,
  • etc.